The Insular World of Mr. Squirrel リスさんの閉鎖的な世界


When I started this blog, I promised a new piece of original “art,” an illustration, cartoon, design, or whatever, each week. It has been brought to my attention that I have not kept this promise.

I’ve had this blog for about three months now – or more precisely, thirteen weeks. I’ve put up only two new pieces, which means my art debt to my readers comes to a total eleven pieces. Fortunately, I had a flurry of inspiration last week (I credit the purchase of new art supplies for this), and since I am often bored at work, I have churned out nearly eleven new sketches. Also, I decided not to care that I don’t have a scanner, and I have imported the new drawings to my computer via digital camera. So the image quality is not the best, but actually some of the shadows and weird effects I got from this method of uploading are actually kind of cool.

So, here are several new images from a new train of daydreams, The Insular World of Mr. Squirrel. If you can correctly guess what aspects of my psyche these drawings are meant to express, please let me know.


The new and not-so-improved Mr. Squirrel.


The nameless, fickle city where he lives.


At his local dive, The Drawing Board, with and without an old friend.


Tevye, a formidable nemesis at the artificial flavoring lab where they both work.


Walter J., an angry, cool, fun-loving newcomer.


The V.


And finally (for now), Excitable Nyberg, the town crier.


7 thoughts on “The Insular World of Mr. Squirrel リスさんの閉鎖的な世界

  1. Dad says:

    Mr. Squirrel seems a bit lost or bored. Like it is easy and comfortable for him to hang out at the local bar instead of pursuing anything that takes effort. That doesn’t seem like you though.

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