Miracle Fruit ミラクルフルーツ

Note: If you don’t know what miracle fruit is, read this first. And this. And maybe this.


I had originally intended to chronicle my highly anticipated miracle fruit party with a video blog, but unfortunately, I absentmindedly left my camera in my girlfriend’s closet the day before the party… so that’s kind of a bummer, but oh well. The main reason I wanted to do a video blog (or “vlog” as the kids call it these days… ugh) was to capture the sort of gluttonous, unrestrained feeding frenzy and giddy, wide-eyed excitement that ensued after popping the unassuming little red fruits. The bewildered double takes, the grabby hands, the exclamations of “Oh my god!” and the looks on our faces… ah, no words can really do the experience justice. But looking back, I don’t think I could have been bothered to film anything anyway. I was too busy stuffing my face with all sorts of things I would ordinarily never think to nominate as face-stuffing material.

But then, that’s the miracle of miracle fruit…

For about an hour after sucking/chewing/gargling the fruit for three minutes, lemons tasted something like lemonade or lemon drops; the acidity was still there, but flushed with a juicy, exuberant sweetness. Fresh yuzu was similarly sugarcoated, allowing its singular piney-herbal flavor to shine through, and the light citric zing of grapefruit and dekopon completely disappeared. The dekopon were like little orange gems, almost unquestionably the most gushingly sweet citrus I’ve ever wrapped my teeth around. Marmite’s bitterness and tang were significantly subdued, but this made its sodium content way too noticeable, brutally sandblasting the palate with unforgiving saltiness. Beers were remarkably different; hop bitterness was almost completely erased, making Pilseners taste like mead and exposing happoshu as the offensively bland sparkling sugar water it is. A fresh Old Rasputin Russian imperial stout tasted like it had been cellared for a year, its raw, citric West Coast hops pushed beneath a splendidly sweet comforter of malty chocolate and almond flavors. Coopers Best Extra Stout was magically transormed into Mackeson XXX Stout. Red wine tasted like vaguely alcoholic grape juice, or some sort of mediocre pre-mixed sangria. Herbal liquors tasted as though they had been mixed with sugar cubes; Campari mostly lost its bitter edge to become a syrupy sweet and lightly spicy herbal tincture of sorts, while gin and tonics turned into something more like gin coolers. Pear tomatoes were unchanged while cherry tomatoes became more savory and sweet, without a trace of acidity, as though they had been slow-cooked in a meaty stew. Sauerkraut in white wine tasted, inexplicably, like boiled potatoes. Pickled daikon tasted like jicama sweetened with pear juice. Unsweetened dried figs tasted like Fig Newtons. Balsamic vinegar tasted like a reduction of itself, malt vinegar like toast spread with honey, and kabosu juice like limeade. Tabasco sauce retained its heat but lost its acetic edge, so its flavor was like sweet, capsaicin-laced tomato juice. Bland bottled coffee got even blander, robbed of most of its bitterness and given no sweetness in return, while a dark rum Cuba Libre tasted exactly like black sugar. The infamous 99% cacao chocolate, which ordinarily is grimacingly awful, improved slightly but remained fairly unpleasant, like baker’s chocolate. More palatable results were had with 86%, 72%, and 66% cacao chocolate, the last of which came to approximate chocolate chips with its level of semi-sweetness. Confusingly, kiwi fruit actually tasted more tart except for a hint of caramel in the aftertaste. The sweetness of Branston Pickle was heightened dramatically, drawing its flavor almost into marmalade territory. Bratwurst became deliciously sweet and salty, like it had somehow secreted its own condiment. Dill pickles became sweet pickles. Goya became green beans.

There were a few things that were largely unaffected by the fruit: ginger, umeboshi, green olives, bacon, genki drinks, bananas, nuts, dried cranberries, and (strangely) limes. But even the failures were fun and interesting. If you can get your hands on these (they’re illegal to market in America, but suppliers can be found online), I highly recommend that you do so. Miracle fruit is truly a food experience like no other – and this is coming from someone who’s had sea urchin ice cream.


16 thoughts on “Miracle Fruit ミラクルフルーツ

  1. Carrieann says:

    the best way to try the miracle fruit or anything in life is in its natural form. I have been growing plants for over 13 years and took cultivation at University many years ago.

    I can gaurentee anything is always best in its original form.

    The Miracle frooties are nothing but a advertising ploy, they are no different and are manufactured by the same company as the original miracle fruit tablets i know this because i’ve tried both versions after being led to think by miraclefruitworld they were actually different the fact is there not and the Berries offer the best Effects.

    Buy Miracle Fruit

  2. johnL says:

    how can you explain than that Miracle frooties were on the market years before the so called “original Miracle Fruit tablets”? I know this for sure from a friend in Taiwan… And they are being made by 2 different, competing firms? To me it seems the “original tablets” are far from “original”…. Being Asian I googled in Chinese and have to agree…

    And if you are advertising your own (or affiliated) website (and mentioning your competition) your accusations are anything but credible :)

  3. Carrieann says:

    absulotely wrong i work for no one i am an exotic plant fanatic and this is not true about the tablets.

    the “original miracle fruit tablets” have been around many more years than miracle frooties, they have not existed this long infact they are new on the scene and miraclefruitworld the company who had the packaging changed will if they are honest say this is the truth they are both manufactured by the same company.

    i am only putting forward what i know to be true and recommending what i have worked with through my research and experience with miracle fruit which stretches over many many years and do not advocate false truths.

    Much of what you have said is not true especially regarding miracle frooties being better than the fresh berry and about before the “original miracle fruit tablets”.

    Based on these lies i would assume you work for miraclefruitworld.

    Gimics do not get past us real miracle fruit enthusiasts i am afraid.

  4. johnL says:

    I am not affiliated with any miracle fruit producer/seller.

    Just a thought, how come Miracle Frooties come in 2 sizes but the “original” tabs only in 1 size? Another advertising ploy i guess :). And please do get a hold of both packages and check the name of the producers. You don’ have to be smart to figure out (use google) these are 2 competing firms.

    Well, call someone in Taiwan who knows the miracle fruit business and ask them about the growers and producers. I guess this is the only way to stop you from spreading lies about the tabs.

    At least we agree, as 2 enthusiasts, this truly is one amazing fruit ;-)

  5. Carrieann says:

    So why would you lie and say the Tablets are better than the berries anyone who has experienced miracle fruit would not say that. Unless there a company or affiliated with one.

    Changing a tablet size though does’nt mean there is any difference? It doesnt change the amount of miligram’s of miracle fruit powder the original miracle fruit tablets contain. The original miracle fruit tablets contain 600mg so does the largest size miracle frooties so what is your point with the tablet size?

    this is another form of deception and lie.

    I am an experiencer of both which is why i left my opinion but you’ve replied to me telling me a tablet is better than the original fresh berry.

    To try and tell me that as a cultivator of 13 years shows your true motives and thats not the truth.

  6. johnL says:

    Please read my post again, I quote “They worked for me…”. As you can see this was just my personal opinion and there was no need to attack me or the Miracle Frooties for that matter. I still think Miracle Frooties worked better when I compared them to the actual fruit (with my friends) but I don’t dispute with your experience (when you say that the actual fruit worked better for you).

    The “original” are 350mg, read the package. Wouldnt they be both selling both sizes if they were made by the same company? My point is they are 2 competitive producers and not the same as you believe. Please do some research as I suggested.

  7. Carrieann says:

    If this is the case i apologise however i was told by the company that issued them to me these were from the same manufacturer as the original miracle fruit tablets.

    I also did not notice any differing effects personally when trying them.

    But i do still remain with my original point which is that all i was saying is the natural method is always best with anything it doesnt matter what your dealing with i own a few miracle fruit plants and i find its much better to produce hundreds of berries in a month and be able to pick them when i require to try them whatever amount. This for me is the true miracle fruit experience as a plant grower.

    I just could not get my head around how you thought the experience could possibly be better from a tablet than the berry which is what you originally stated.

    I have never heard one person ever say this. Other than a company who is selling a product.

  8. johnL says:

    I have a reliable source from taiwan and (to my surprise as well), he said the producer who makes Miracle Frooties was the first to develop the tabs. And they don’t produce any other tabs. He might be wrong but I seriously doubt that. If i was selling the tabs wouldn’t I post a link to my website or something? :)

    I didn’t really like the taste of the berry and the effect lasted longer (mostly due to the fact you can first take 1/2 tablet and later the other half). And I counted the higher price of fresh berries as part of the overall experience as well. Again, that’s my opinion (and most of my friends) but I surely agree that if you have the right climate growing your own berries is great (due to lack of time/space/climate I can though).

    Good luck with your plants! J.

  9. Carrieann says:

    maybe so however i do not see why a company would lie to me about this.

    lol you can take the berry out your mouth if you like however long you keep it in there the effects going to last longer this is the same as breaking a tablet in half.

    The effect from the berry is far much more natural and potent its more intense. But each has there own purpose no doubt. Thats why i’ve got tablets for on the go aswell.

    I just honestly think anyone who tried both at the same time would instantly notice the difference between effects cause it was pretty noticeable for me.

    exotic plants are a joy to own, they require care but on the website i mentioned you can get the plants in different stages of growth so its only a case of keeping the plant rooting and healthy. I’ve been growing it in the United Kingdom terrible weather here but im using Hydroponics and thanks Miracle fruit plants should be cherished by all!

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