Save Our Taco Trucks! 私達のタコストラックを救おう!

Los Angeles’s taco trucks may soon face a new traffic law that will threaten their very existence if passed.

This is horrible news. I love taco trucks. They are one of my favorite things about Los Angeles, specifically East LA. They are delicious, cheap, open all night, and most importantly, they are unique. It’s not that other cities don’t have taco trucks, but nowhere has quite so many as Los Angeles. They are a true cultural emblem.

My favorite is Leo’s in Eagle Rock. Rarely does a week pass here in Japan when I don’t crave Leo’s hearty bean burrito or carne asada tacos, topped with onions and a brilliant green sauce: limes, cilantro, and avocado. Mmm. Somebody at my alma mater made a documentary about Leo himself. You can (and should) watch it here.

Anyway, please visit this site to sign a petition to stop this evil law from being enacted. You don’t need to live in LA to do so.

Save our taco trucks!


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