I’m Back ただいま

It’s been a long time. A long time since I last posted, a long time since I last kissed my girlfriend, and a long time since I tasted real ale. But my eight-week reconnaissance mission to Taiwan, Myanmar, and Thailand is finally over, and all manner of blog posting, girlfriend kissing, and real ale tasting shall resume immediately.

I’m going to write about specifics later, but first, here are some numbers: over the course of the trip I visited exactly 100 hotels, saw more than 3000 temples, slept in 29 different beds, ate from almost 50 breakfast buffets, drank 7 kinds of indigenous booze, trekked to 9 tribal villages, flew on 16 flights, drove over 2500 kilometers, amassed nearly 120 business cards, and gazed upon – I kid you not – over 8000 Buddhas. I travelled by jet plane, propeller plane, van, minivan, coach, scooter, train, subway, car, song thaew, tuk tuk, speedboat, longtail boat, ferry, horse-drawn carriage, inner tube, and hot air balloon. All in just two months.

Needless to say, it was busy. Very, very busy. And while the trip was taxing and stressful overall, it allowed me some absolutely fantastic meals and experiences. So stay tuned!


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