JT’s J-Treats and I am a viking. Collabo!

My oldest friend in the whole wide world (we’ve been friends since we were seven or eight) does a series of awesome video reviews of new and/or limited-edition Japanese junk food called “JT’s J-Treats.” You can watch them on YouTube here. Commonly featured on JT’s J-Treats are temptingly strange flavors of Doritos (yuzu, wasabi mayo, etc.), Pepsi (yogurt, cucumber, etc.), and Pringles (Napolitan pasta, honey-roast chicken, “Night Club” cheddar cheese, extreme mushroom, etc.). Another star player on JT’s snack stage is KitKats, Japan’s favorite edible tabula rasa, taking on a wowingly wide range of flavors. Just a sample of some that I sampled when I lived there: strawberry and thyme, Japanese chestnut, cantaloupe, kiwi, two kinds of azuki bean, kinako-kuromitsu, blueberry fromage, mango, matcha milk, salted white chocolate, white peach, and cherry blossom. I have also seen (but not tried) red wine, creamy apple, “Exotic Kyushu,” “Exotic Tokyo,” and maple.

JT’s J-Treats chronicles the ongoing flood of weird KitKats in the Japanese market with scholarly dedication and professionalism. The videos are always fun to watch, and so I was very geeked when an opportunity arose for me to contribute to JT’s increasingly encyclopedic database of Japanese KitKats.

When Laura’s parents went to Japan last month, I asked them to bring me two things: instant Ippudō and unusual KitKats. I was overcome with joy when they returned with four bowls of Ippudō and two obscure KitKat flavors from Hokkaido, the Wisconsin of Japan: grilled corn 焼きもろこし and potato じゃがいも. I asked JT if I could review them for an installment of J-Treats, and he graciously agreed. So here it is: the first ever (and hopefully not last?) collaboration between I am a viking. and JT’s J’-Treats. Enjoy!


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