“Zack the Ripper”?

Attn: Loyal viking fanatics.

I am considering putting an end to this blog and starting a new one. Now before you freak out, I’d still keep I am a viking online as a sort of archive, but I’d migrate everything post-Japan to a new site. When I started this blog I meant to keep it thematic, and since I left Japan, I’ve had to stretch and bend the theme to such an extent that it’s become unrecognizably amorphous. This wasn’t meant to be a travel blog, a beer blog, or even just a food blog – it was meant to be an exploration of Japanese (food) culture and a showcase for the art that it inspired, and obviously it is hard to keep that up now that I’m living in London.

But I’d like to start another, more focused blog – and OH MY GOD THIS PUB HAS A CAT!!! Awwwwwesome. I will be coming back here!

Sorry. So I’d like to start a new blog, maybe two new blogs, more befitting my new habitat and my new creative priorities. I’d like to make a blog that can actually be a resource to people on some specific topic – like I am a viking was for risotto recipes or Japanese culinary tourism. Here are a few ideas I had for new blogs:

  1. West is West: Locating American West Coast food and drink in London, from burritos to Sonoma County chardonnay
  2. BYOLondon: good local BYOB restaurants, and what to bring as a proper pairing
  3. The Insular World of Mr. Squirrel: the webcomic
  4. some other webcomic, possibly autobiographical
  5. an illustrated guide to beer, from brewing to food pairing
  6. a guide to real ale in London: news, pub reviews, beer reviews, etc.
  7. A Few Good Men: in search of fine noodles in London, especially the elusive ramen (points to you if you understand the pun in the title)
  8. The Meibutsu Map: not a blog, but rather an interactive map of Japan highlighting the local specialities of each prefecture
  9. Last and least, Zack the Ripper – Observations of an American in East London: my flatmate jokingly suggested this, noting that “Zack” is possibly the most American name out there

Any other ideas? Any other names you think are distinctly American?


5 thoughts on ““Zack the Ripper”?

  1. Xander says:

    I like Zack the Ripper, just because as a blogger I feel it would allow the most room for writing.

    But this is an issue I’ve been turning over in my head lately as well. I’m keeping on with Primitive Culture, but every now and then I want to do a post that I feel really wouldn’t fit with the blog. I’ve thought of starting parallel blogs, but I guess I’m too lazy to actually start that. But anyway, I think your reasons for switching over to a new blog, and leaving I Am a Viking as an artifact of your time in Japan, is a very sound idea. -X

  2. Dad says:

    After reading the comments I think Zander is right. If you choose #9 you could incorporate 1,2 4 and 6. I think a lot of people would find this very interesting. It would be interesting for you to compare how things are done in the UK to how they are done in the US. Possible topics are endless and they could range from very deep to very silly.

  3. Bordeaux says:

    I’m terrible at naming things, from cats right through to blogs. One of the reasons I am not having kids. So I can’t help in that department, but I’m all for starting new blogs to expand on themes and writing and projects. I’m looking forward to seeing the new project(s).

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