Big News: Site Repurposing!


If you’re reading this post on the actual site instead of through an RSS reader, then you’ll have already noticed the dramatic redesign. This is because I am relaunching I am a viking in its new iteration as a Danish beer and food blog!

I am now a “Senior Sales Account Manager” (i.e., travelling salesman) for a company called 95% Danish, importers of fine Danish design that have recently branched out to include fine Danish craft beer in their portfolio. I’ve been brought in as the company’s beer guy – my job is to sell the beer to upmarket retailers, restaurants, and bars in Greater London. The beer, I must say, is very good – highly idiosyncratic and well-made, as one might expect from a country known for its traditions of agrarianism and craftsmanship.

This week I was spirited away to Denmark for a whirlwind tour of the breweries we represent, and have to admit I found the country rather beguiling. It isn’t somewhere I’d like to live, I don’t think, but there were several things Danish I found strangely compelling. The land, for starters, is remarkably Wisconsin-like; low, cold, and rural, molded into rolling kettles and moraines by ancient glaciation. No wonder, I thought, that so many Danes wound up settling in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Then there is the food, somehow reminiscent of Japanese cuisine in its simplicity, its fresh flavors, and its fondness for the sea, but also hearty and pig-centric in a way that reminded me of American comfort food. And of course, there is the beer, which was a revelation even to me, a hardened beer geek with over 500 reviews under my belt.

So from now on, I am a viking will be strictly an exploration of Danish culture through its food and beer. I’m still brainstorming ideas for another blog, but until that comes to fruition I’ll be posting on non-Danish topics at my very old, journal-style blog over at Xanga. I’ll also be migrating my portfolio to a new site as soon as I register a new domain name.

I understand that this is something of a departure from this blog’s original theme, but I hope that my loyal readers will stay with me as I change course. I do think that Danish culinary culture is quite interesting – and I hope that you do, too!

Cheers, kanpai, and skål!


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