Carlsberg Special Brew

Chocolate stout with Danish marzipan, Vienna lager with Norwegian salmon, smushi… I can’t keep up this level of pretension forever!

So tonight, after a somewhat stressful day at work (i.e., at home), I opened the fridge and pulled out the least classy thing therein, the last of the super lagers that our friend had brought over last week: Carlsberg Special Brew. The tallboy that contains this barely-drinkable ogre of a beer comes dressed in a charming San Francisco 49ers uniform: gold and maroon and ugly enough to be a fashion accessory for Brooklyn hipsters. It still boasts the same dubious endorsement that all Carlsberg products boast: “by appointment to the Royal Danish Court.” I wonder if the regents of Copenhagen know what kind of crime and destruction they’re party to on the streets of London via this foul and exceedingly inexpensive lager.

Just like Super Skol and Tennent’s Super and other super lagers, Special Brew is weirdly good-looking, strawberry blonde wtih a bodacious plaster-white head. Good retention, espceically for the style, the ABV, and the glass I poured it into.
It smells (or perhaps stinks) of adjuncts and impure alcohol, full of corn, honey, and apple juice, and it wins points for an absence of skunky or sulfuric notes. On the palate it is light and beery with a grimace-inducing undertow of rough fusel alcohol.

Special indeed.


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