Dumb Beer Marketing of the Week: Beck’s Vier

“Beck’s Vier: German precision at 4%.”


This advertisement is all over London now. I can’t understand how or why this would make anyone want to drink Beck’s Vier. The sleek, vaguely industrial-looking glass of beer is in no way enticing. Drinks are supposed to look delicious and perhaps refreshing, not aerodynamic. And “German precision”? I can understand the concept behind this, that of associating German beer with a generalized idea of German quality derived from Germany’s reputation for engineering… but wow, that’s quite a stretch. Besides, when was the last time you took a sip of German beer and exclaimed, “Wow, that’s so well engineered!” or “Mmm… now that’s precise.”

I mean WTF?!

Marketing idiocy rating:

Two Budweiser Frogs.


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