Søgaards Klosterbryg

Before and while drinking Søgaards Klosterbryg, I thought it was a Belgian abbey-style dark ale. The name means “monastery brew” (a reference to a nearby church) and it has the flavor profile is that of a classic Trappist dubbel. Cocoa powder leads a united front of raisin, tea, toffee, and coffee across the palate, while aromatics of orange, vanilla, and pepper spice things up. It has a lovely latte-colored head atop a thick, garnet-brown body and soft, rolling carbonation just like the Belgian originals. If it looks like a dubbel, smells like a dubbel, and tastes like a dubbel, then it must be… a Munich Dünkel?! Surprise surprise!

It just goes to show that lagers can be just as deep, nuanced, and eccentric as any ale.


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