Svaneke Mørk Guld

I made a sort of shepherd’s pie tonight. Except the meat didn’t thaw in time, so I made it out of vegetables and some chopped-up Danish sausage. I used red wine and stout for the gravy and I put mature Cheddar in the mash. It was warming, savory, and rich. It was nice.

And it was especially nice with Svaneke Mørk Guld. Mørk Guld means “dark gold,” and that is a fair description of its color, though “Rusten Kobber” may be a slightly more accurate name. As a lager, yeast aromatics are low, so the nose is mostly caramel, rum, and apple turnover, which also provide the keystones to the beer’s flavor. Light and airy carbonation, an odd twang of medicinal alcohol, and a snap of grassy hops balance out the malts to keep things drinkable.


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