As Seen On TV

Hey! I’m on TV. BBC1 to be exact; I am now one of the final 12 contestants on MasterChef! If you’re not in the UK and want to watch, you can download Expat Shield, which will give you a British IP address and allow you to watch the show on BBC iPlayer. It only works on Windows, though, and I haven’t been able to find similar software for Mac. Annoying, I know, but for now it looks like you’ll just have to find a spare PC to use. Stay tuned!


23 thoughts on “As Seen On TV

  1. NFAH says:

    As another transplant (Norwegian-ancestry former Minnesotan) living in the UK, I’m loving watching you on MasterChef. That said, the constant references to your American-ness are growing really tiring !!!

  2. Kalev Tait says:

    I accidentally watched an episode on BBC iPlayer last night (never having heard of the show before). While I love food, the idea of Miso + Vanilla + Tuna struck me in a way that I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it.

    Where can I come and eat unusual food you have concocted?

    • eustontap says:

      Thanks for your comment!

      The way vanilla works with fish is primarily by association. Vanilla as a flavoring for sweets is so ingrained in our culture and consciousness that we forget that it isn’t sweet itself, but it can boost perceived sweetness in a dish without actually adding sugars. On top of that, it actually has a lovely, woody, floral, honeyed aroma that complements fish quite nicely.

      The way vanilla works with miso is by playing off the complexities of good miso. Like fine cheese, good miso is full of nuance and can carry notes of cocoa, peanuts, honey, maple sugar, and dark fruit – natural accompaniments to vanilla. Miso actually works nicely in desserts, as well.

      And of course miso is a classic combination with fish.

      Hence, vanilla miso yellowtail!

      I am in the early stages of planning my first public dinner. I will blog about the details here, so stay tuned!

      • steve gray says:

        Tim, been following your progress on Masterchef (great cooking) so was even more surprised to be served by you the other night in the very interesting Euston Tap (awesome beer selection). I’d love to give Masterchef a go but doubt that I could cope with Greg & John’s questioning for long! Hope to see you in Chef whites next time so good luck and will be interested in your 1st dinner. Cheers, Steve

  3. Dr. Anja Knierim says:

    Hi Tim! Having been watching Masterchef last year by satelite from Germany I am even more tensed this year! Crossing my fingers very hrd for you. You are the most unusual, inventive cokk seen!

  4. Stuart McPhee says:

    Congratulations on winning Masterchef! You have to be the most inspiring, exciting cook I’ve seen on the show, in any country. Good luck for the future and I hope to be eating at your restaurant some day!


  5. Espen says:

    Gratulerer Tim! ‘Intelligent food’ is something which seems to have become a foil for pretentious processed molecular gastronomical non-sense, but your inspiring ‘clever, very clever’ dishes has turned that around, as the dishes never seem secondary to the processes.

  6. Mei Wan says:

    CONGRATS on winning MASTERCHEF!! I just watched the final and it was amazing. Your food wow-ed the judges and I wish I could try your rhubarb crumble and cheddar whisky cheesecake!

    I hope to meet you in the future for one of the Masterchef events :)

    Congrats again dude. You really deserve it !!!

  7. Colin Reed says:

    Congratulations, Masterchef 2011. Those burgers looked fantastic, and the freezing the rhubarb before coating in crumble and deep frying was inspired. Now I’m dying to try monkfish liver, which I’ve never had. Well done!

  8. Rob says:


    Congratulations on winning Master Chef 2011! You are obviously very talented and have a bright future ahead. If you are ever looking for a silent investor when scaring up funds for a new venture I would be honored to try to help out!

    Best of luck!

  9. Coco Cat says:

    Congratulations on winning! You were my favourite from the start. My dad comes from Philly, so whenever we discussed you I referred to you as his “kinsman”/”countryman”. When you won my little brother high-fived me so hard that it hurt! I look forward to eating at your restaurant one day, and I wish you happiness and success.

  10. Victoria Sheehy says:

    Congratulations on your well-deserved win! One of my friends suggested at the beginning that you might be a ‘plug’ rather than a genuine contestant in order to shake up the other contestants as they thought your food was too experimental to be true! I found watching your cooking really exciting. My family often tell me I should apply for Masterchef, but you and the other contestants are in a totally different league to me. I was stunned by your winning meal. Would love to try your food or have you teach me how you cook and think. Please get in touch!

  11. Sarah says:

    Tim, Your culinary wizardry is bold, brazen & bodacious- that is clear. What I loved was your divine attitude. ‘I didn’t think I had a chance against those guys!’. So very refreshing. Your blog is great & shows your passion for food, personality & sense of humour. Best of luck going forward!

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