The Cockroach at the Coral Sands


Image from the V&A.

In my post about the Coral Sands Motel, I mentioned that I came across a cockroach or two out by the pool. There were also a handful of ants exploring my bathroom each day.

The ants were no big deal at all. However, if I’d discovered cockroaches inside my room, I don’t think they’d have added to the charm of the place. But they posed no immediate threat, and so contributed to the faded part of the faded glamour that made the Coral Sands so easy to romanticize and fall in love with.

It makes me think about other things that are wonderful not in spite of, but because of their shortcomings or flaws. Deliberately uneven Japanese pottery. Old episodes of The Simpsons with wonky hand-drawn animation. The bittersweet crunch of an accidentally flambéed marshmallow.

What else can you think of?


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