Passage to Persia

November’s gonna be a fun month. I get to visit a turkey farm three days before Thanksgiving.

But also I’ve got a few really cool events on. One of them is Passage to Persia, a series of pop-ups hosted by supper club celebrity Sabrina Ghayour and Anna Hansen of the Modern Pantry. The idea is to get chefs who don’t cook Persian food to create menus based on Persian dishes and ingredients. I’m one of those chefs, along with Ben Spalding, Omar Allibhoy, and Ghayour and Hansen themselves. Very good company to be in, I must say.

My night is the 12th of November, the last in the series. Here is my menu:

Duck with Two Plums
Japanese (Pickled) and Persian (Dried)

Lamb Kidneys and Baby Fennel on a Stick
With cumin, saffron, blackberry molasses, and Szechuan pepper

Crisped Rice with Sally Barnes‘s Smoked Haddock
Dried lime, soy sauce, butter, ginger, and mushrooms

Carrot Soda Float, Salted Whey Ice Cream
With dill sugared zoolbia

Rose Cotton Candy and Pistachio Praline
Coffee or tea

And there are still some tickets left! They’re £65 and that includes wine and tea pairings, a welcome cocktail, and I think bread and stuff. To book e-mail


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