Zainichi: Kimchinary-Nanban Mash-up!

UPDATE: Tickets and info here!


There are an awful lot of street food traders in London I love. But one I particularly love is Kimchinary, whose Korean tacos and ‘kimchini’ rice balls make me very happy indeed, transporting me simultaneously to both Los Angeles and Seoul. So I’m very excited to announce our upcoming collaboration, an offal-centric Korean-Southern Japanese dinner to be held on the 3rd of August at Platterform near London Bridge! Here is the awesome menu:

Makgeolli-Shochu Cocktail

Trio of Offal Skewers
Gopchang (tripe), soondae (blood sausage), gyūhatsu (beef heart)

Brawn-katsu with Sukjunamul
Deep-fried pig’s head, bean sprouts, katsu sauce

Beef Cheek Taco Rice
Slow-cooked spicy beef cheek, rice, lettuce, pickles

Kongguksu Hiyajiru
Chilled soy milk and miso noodle soup

Sweet Potato Sorbet with Tteok and Candied Crackling
Rice cakes, brown sugar ginger syrup, peanuts and sunflower seeds

Watch the Twitter feeds of Kimchinary and Nanban for info and tickets. It’ll be OFFALLY delicious!


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