Nanban at Pacific Social Club

Mustard greens, fermenting away.

Mustard greens, fermenting away.

Well folks, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good old fashioned Hackney pop-up focused on one particular prefecture of southern Japan. Time to rectify that!

On Saturday the 2nd of November, I’ll be setting up shop at Pacific Social Club, filling in for resident okonomiyaki wizard Fumio Tanga while he caters a wedding. (To the happy couple who’ve commissioned an okonomiyaki stand on your big day: you’re awesome.) The menu will feature dishes from Kumamoto prefecture exclusively, including some nice, big flavors including horsemeat, lotus root, fermented mustard greens, maitake mushrooms, and orange. Pressure Drop beers and PSC cocktails will be on hand to wash everything down.

The meal will be served teishoku style, which is to say, the first four dishes will be served all at once, followed by dessert. Here is the menu:

Karashi Renkon
Lotus root stuffed with hot mustard miso paste

Horse Katsu
Horse rump, pounded, breaded, deep-fried, and served with katsu sauce

Rice steamed with fermented spicy mustard greens

Maitake Mushroom and Pearl Barley Miso Soup

Sweet Potato and Orange Cheesecake

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, £25 a pop! Please keep an eye on my twitter feeds for the link. Hope to see you there!


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