#Cornography Day 1: Spicy Tomato, Black Bean, Chick Pea, and Corn Stew


“I could eat canned corn every day.”

This offhand remark only slightly hyperbolizes my liking of canned sweet corn, which I find consistently plump, sweet, and pleasant. However, I didn’t expect my wife to take it so literally, and once I said it, she challenged me with a bet: that I can’t eat canned corn every day for three months. After a brief pause to consider, I accepted. I am in control of my own diet, after all – I can’t lose. The loser has to purchase a used PlayStation 3 for our flat, plus a game of the winner’s choosing. (You will be mine, Final Fantasy XIII.)

Not only can I not lose this bet, I’m also looking forward to the challenge and have decided to use it as a creative project – what can I make with canned corn to keep it interesting for three solid months? I’ll be blogging my daily corn dishes in a feature I call #Cornography.


For my momentous first corn dish, I’ve made a simple stew, whipped up mostly from cupboard ingredients, since we’ve just returned from holiday and the fridge is bare. Borettane onions, garlic, and mushrooms are fried in olive oil and seasoned with smoked paprika, dried thyme, cumin seeds, and doubanjiang. The pan is deglazed with rioja and Shaoxing wine, and then tinned chopped tomatoes are added. Once the onions and tomatoes have become silky and soft, black beans, chick peas, and corn is added and warmed through. The stew is garnished with fish sauce-roasted pumpkin seeds. It’s hearty, sweet, umamilicious, and spicy. The cumin seeds provide bursts of earthy-sweet spice and the pumpkin seeds give it funk and texture. So far, so good.


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