#Cornography Day 3: Succotash with Edamame and Pepperoni

I’ve been making crab bisque all day for a project I’m working on. A better-organised version of myself would have had the forethought to take a can of corn with me to work, dump it in the bisque, and call it a day. Crab and corn is pure class.

But I’m not that organised, so on the way home from my bisque-athon I had to think of something else to do with corn. It occurred to me that I had edamame in the freezer, so I decided on succotash, which I love. I wanted to season it with a dried or cured meat or fish product, so I began to brainstorm and weigh my options. Bacon? Too boring. Sun-dried mentaiko? Too fishy. Chorizo? Too chorizo-y. But I liked the idea of something with a bit of spice, so I decided on pepperoni – it has the mellow heat of chorizo without the overriding paprika smokiness.


I crisped the pepperoni in a dry pan, then drained the slices on paper towel. I added a splash of olive oil and sautéed finely diced onion and garlic in the pepperoni drippings until soft and brown. Then in went the corn, followed by the edamame, and at the end, some pickled roasted red peppers. Finally, I seasoned the succotash with a few good glugs of Yuzusco, roughly chopped the crisp pepperoni, and tossed it through the vegetables. I garnished it with a few torn coriander leaves and some toasted white sesame seeds. The corn was fresh and crunchy, the edamame were nutty and dense, the peppers were sweet and soft, and everything was washed in a pizzalicious oily spice.


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