#Cornography Day 6: O-corn-omiyaki


Inspired by the surprising flavor of Sunday’s corn with Old Bay, I decided to make corn okonomiyaki. Of course, there’s nothing unusual about putting corn in okonomiyaki; it’s probably one of the most common fillings to be found, often accompanied by kimchi, seafood, and/or cheese. However, there is something unusual about putting quite this much corn in okonomiyaki – I’ve used a whole can between two portions, making them almost more like giant corn fritters rather than typical okonomiyaki.


The corn and its juice is combined with chopped hispi cabbage, spring onions, eggs, flour, baking soda, pepper, and a little leftover corn cream soup powder to make a batter densely packed with corn. (I would estimate the corn content at approximately three kernels per cubic centimeter.) The corn’s natural sugars seep into the batter and caramelize beautifully in the hot pan, making the okonomiyaki rich in color and flavor. When the pancake has cooked, it is topped with the traditional Osakan accoutrements: okonomi sauce, aonori flakes, sesame seeds, Kewpee mayo, and katsuobushi. The corn makes the okonomiyaki pleasantly sweet and toothsome, and more filling than usual. It is delicious, but it is also a little monotonous. It would probably benefit from an additional flavor, something with a bit of tang or a bit of spice – I can see why it is so commonly combined with kimchi. But there are many possibilities. Expect variations on this recipe in the weeks to come.



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