#Cornography Day 7: Coffee Maple Corn with Crispy Fried Onions

One week down.


Today’s simple corn lunch utilizes two interesting ingredients I pulled out of the cupboard while rummaging around, searching for inspiration. The first is a coffee-infused maple syrup I made a few months ago for a brunch I catered. Lovely stuff. The other is one of my favorite go-to ingredients when I want to add a lot of flavor and texture to something but I’m also quite lazy: crispy fried onions. Supermarkets sometimes sell these in little tubs, but you’re better off getting them from South Asian grocers, where they’re a lot cheaper.


I sauteed the corn in a little butter and added the coffee maple and a splash of soy sauce. I let the liquid reduce to a sticky glaze, then dished up. The corn was garnished with black sesame and linseeds (healthy!) in addition to the crispy onions. It was sweet and malty (a little too sweet, actually), but the onions kept the whole thing from tasting like a dessert, bringing a moreish crunch and mellow, lingering allium flavor. Nice on its own, but probably even better as an accompaniment to pork or scallops.


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