#Cornography Day 10: Corn Fried Rice with Jalapeños and Bacon

DSC_0036 copy

When does the big fried rice trend hit? It’s overdue. Fried rice is fantastic. It’s also infintely permutable – there are so many different kinds, with so many different flavors, all depending on the origin, the chef, or the season. Danny Bowien’s ‘breakfast fried rice‘ and my own smoked mackerel nasi goreng are just two examples of the delicious directions in which this humble dish can be taken.

DSC_0032 copy 2

It’s also a joy to cook. It’s quick and easy, and the process takes you on a journey of intoxicating aromas – bacon rendering, onion browning, chillies softening, garlic mellowing, soy sauce caramelizing… ahh. There’s something satisfying about seeing it all come together. Tonight’s fried rice was fairly ordinary, but included a can of corn (of course), bits of crispy bacon as a garnish, and a double layer of jalapeños – half sweated down along with the onions, for a slow burn, and the other half used as a garnish, to make sparks that sporadically invigorate the dish with jolts of fruity heat.


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