#Cornography Day 13: Corn with Gochujang, Smoked Tofu, and Furikake


Today’s corn dish is certainly a step up from yesterday’s – which, I must divulge (purely as a warning) made me quite flatulent in the morning. Another day in the kitchen meant something quick and energising using odds and ends from around the kitchen was the aim, and I’m happy to say this succeeded on all fronts.

The corn was cooked with a little of its own juice and gochujang, the fermented Korean chilli paste of which I am a great advocate. When everything was hot I stirred in some cubed smoked tofu to warm through, and I topped it off with some of my own furikake, a rice seasoning in this case made from toasted panko, white and black sesame seeds, nori flakes, sea salt, and a bit of sugar.

The dish was filling and full of big flavors. The gochujang provided a bit hit of heat along with its characteristic miso-esque sweet umami tang. The smoked tofu added a lovely, mellow, soothing note to counteract the chillies, and the furikake brought a nice crunch punctuated with a rich, nutty flavor. It was exactly the kind of fuel I needed, and it was even sort of healthy. A gold star for me.


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