#Cornography Day 14: Hummus with Corn and Cucumber Salad


Not many people know that I am a big fan of hummus with stuff on top of it, a culinary art form at which the Lebanese in particular excel. So when I saw a tub of hummus in the fridge at home, inspiration struck. I spooned some of the hummus into a shallow dish and formed a well in the centre. I then mixed the corn with diced cucumber, olive oil, and white wine vinegar, and piled this mixture atop the hummus. I garnished it with more olive oil and a few generous shakes of smoked paprika. It was surprisingly lovely; the corn’s sweetness and pop made a great foil for the bland, beany hummus. It was light yet satisfying. However, it felt a little incomplete; next time I’ll add fresh herbs and perhaps pine nuts to really make it sing.


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