#Cornography Day 15: Corn and Noodle Soup with Bergamot

Feeling a little under the weather today, so chicken noodle soup was on the cards. But there was a snag: no chicken in the house, and I was too lazy to go get some. Luckily, corn was there to step in and save the day.


I fried some onion, jalapeño, and garlic in olive oil until lightly browned, then deglazed the pan with pink Lillet and bergamot juice. I then added the corn and its juice along with some thyme, sanshō, and white pepper. I added water, Chinese chicken stock powder, Old Bay, and a splash of soy sauce to make a light broth. When it came to the boil I added whole wheat penne and cooked it until it was slightly past al dente (which I sort of prefer in soothing comfort foods like this one).

I finished the soup with another squeeze of bergamot juice for a touch of freshness. It was just what the doctor ordered – sweet with onions and corn, warming with jalapeño, slick with olive oil, and hearty with pasta. The bergamot’s lemongrassy, citronella-ish floral tang felt clean and revitalising. Overall, it was most satisfactory. I did not miss the chicken.


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