#Cornography Day 17: Pesto Pasta with Corn and Bacon

I made today’s affront to Italian cookery canned corn delicacy with two requirements in mind: I wanted something fast, and I wanted something with minimal washing up. Deliciousness wasn’t a priority, although I just about acheived that as well.


I fried chopped bacon in a little oil until it was foxy brown and crunchy. I removed the bacon to drain and then added the corn, which I browned in the bacon fat. When it was golden I removed the corn and drained the fat, and filled up the pan with water. I brought it to the boil and used it to cook spaghetti, with the residual bacon grease stepping in for the usual olive oil in the cooking water. When it was al dente I added lots of pesto from a jar and tossed it through the pasta, along with the bacon bits and corn. I served it with shavings of Parmesan. It was reasonably tasty, but then again, it is hard to go wrong with pesto and bacon.


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