#Cornography Day 20: Corn and Smoked Haddock Curry Fried Rice (Kedgeree)


I made dashi out of smoked haddock the other day, which was really quite delicious. But what isn’t quite delicious is the overcooked, flavor-sapped smoked haddock that you’re left with as a by-product of the dashi. But one good use for it, I hypothesised, would be kedgeree.

But then Laura told me she doesn’t like kedgeree, so I put my plans on hold. Later, I figured I could just tell Laura I was making fried rice (which kedgeree kind of is) and she wouldn’t protest. In the end, she was too smart to fall for it, but she did polish off her bowl regardless, which means she was either really hungry, or she secretly enjoys kedgeree.

I sautéed some shallots and garlic in butter until brown, then added curry powder and toasted it through. When it was aromatic and no longer grainy, I added a can of corn and finely shredded ginger. When the corn juice had evaporated, I added cooked rice, Tabasco, dashi powder, and a little soy sauce. Finally I folded in the smoked haddock and some chopped nira. I garnished it with spring onions, boiled eggs, torn coriander, and a little chilli oil. It was perfect for an unpleasant winter’s day like today, and it turned out to be an excellent use of seemingly unusable fish.


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