#Cornography Day 22: Corn, Spring Onion, Ginger and Edam Omelette


One thing I actually like about cooking with corn every day is that it tends to add bulk and substance to dishes that might otherwise lack heft. For example, I often find omelettes slightly unsatisfying. Despite all their cheesy fat and eggy protein, without carbohydrates, they come up short when it comes to satiety and usually leave me reaching for a piece of toast.


Enter the corn. First, I sautéed corn in butter and sesame oil until bronzed, then poured over beaten eggs seasoned with salt and pepper. I sprinkled on finely chopped spring onions and shredded ginger, along with some shredded Edam. I finished the eggs under the grill, folded the omelette over itself, and finished it with ketchup and Tabasco. The corn was satisfyingly toothsome, the cheese was stretchy and mellow, and the sweet, vibrant ginger-scallion flavor made it taste like something you’d get on the street in Chinatown. It was filling without being too heavy. With some crab, prawns, or oysters thrown in, it might even be appropriate for dinner.


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