#Cornography Day 24: Corn-Miso Roasted Vegetables


After a weekend of unhealthy eating (and drinking), a wholesome, plant-based dinner was on the cards. I sauteed an onion in a little margarine and sesame oil until soft and golden brown, then added a can of corn, including its brine. When most of the liquid had evaporated, I added a heaped spoonful of red miso and stirred it in, letting the paste catch on the bottom of the pan to develop a rich, bittersweet, toasty flavor. I deglazed the pan with water and pork stock, then pureed everything with a stick blender until smooth. I used this as a sauce to coat turnips, cauliflower, romano peppers, tenderstem broccoli, and mushrooms, which I roasted at 200ºC for about 40 minutes, tossing the vegetables twice while cooking. They came out lightly caramelized and nicely cooked, with some bite left in them. Delicious. I garnished them with sour cream and paprika, but in truth I don’t think that was necessary. The corn-miso sauce was salty, sweet, and very nutty – it almost reminded me of a peanutty satay sauce. It makes me wonder what other sauces might benefit from the sweet, fresh flavor of corn. Corn mayo comes to mind. Corn hollandaise (imagine that on crab cakes). Or perhaps corn beurre noisette. Possibilities!



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