#Cornography Day 32: Corn with Chicken Gizzards in Oil


This is certainly the weirdest thing I’ve eaten so far as part of this challenge. A drunken trip to Family Mart after karaoke last night yielded a tin of ‘gizzards in oil,’ which, in my jetlagged and inebriated state, seemed like something that might be tasty mixed with corn. It almost was.

The gizzards looked and smelled a lot like cat food when I opened the tin. But thankfully they tasted much better – mostly they were just bland and soft, with hits of flavor provided by red chillies and garlic. Mixed with the corn, it was okay but had a distinct aftertaste of desperation, like something you’d eat when you were starving and there was simply nothing else available. Still, not bad. I might even try a homemade version later on, as there was a kernel of deliciousness here.



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