#Cornography Day 36: Corn with Hyugarashi

There’s this great citrus fruit here in Japan called hyuganatsu. It’s a speciality of Miyazaki prefecture and it resembles a grapefruit, but a little sweeter and smaller. Turns out there’s actually a Miyazaki specialist produce shop right outside Shinjuku station, which has loads of cool hyuganatsu products. One of them is called ‘Hyugarashi,’ a hot and tangy chilli sauce made from whole hyuganatsu and a little yuzu for good measure. The sauce was perfect with corn – there’s a pithy bitterness to it that contrasts the corn’s sweetness beautifully. It did taste more like a condiment than a dish, but no matter. Now that the Hyugarashi is mine I can combine it with corn in other ways once I get home.



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