#Cornography Day 37: Hyuganatsu, Corn, Chilli Oil and Sansho


The deliciousness of my grapefruit, corn, and shichimi salad is still fresh in my memory, and it has become something I crave. Today I made a similar dish using a hyuganatsu that I brought back from Japan.

Hyuganatsu taste mostly of grapefruit, but sweeter and a little more lemony. So I didn’t need to add any honey to dress it.


Instead I simply mixed it with corn and a little chilli oil. I finished it with freshly ground sanshō and sea salt.


It was zesty and refreshing, just like the original. I was a bit too heavy handed with the chilli oil, but the sanshō was a brilliant touch.

Mindful of not wasting any of my rare hyuganatsu,  I squeezed out a shotful of juice to drink, and I put the chopped peel into about a third of a bottle of pink Lillet. I fortified it with a little soju, shook it up, and put it away. In a month or so I will have delicious hyuganatsu bitters to play with.



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