#Cornography Day 44: Pasta Fazool with Corn

DSC_0518The reason I’m calling this pasta fazool and not pasta e fagioli is because I don’t want anybody to think this is actually an authentic Italian dish. All it is, really, is pasta and beans. Where does it come from? Who knows? Who cares? It’s delicious and that’s all that matters.


Last year I discovered that pasta with red sauce is my favorite thing to eat when I’m hungover. It’s comforting, flavorful, and nutritious-ish but still hefty and carbo-loaded. And I was in dire need of just that sort of thing this morning, stirred from sleep by a headache and a dry mouth and a general shag carpet fuzziness. (Beer festival last night. I was ‘working’ there.)

I cut an onion into a medium dice and sauteed it in plenty of olive oil. When they were starting to color I added quite a lot of chopped garlic, followed by a can of corn with peppers, then some sliced mushrooms and equal parts salt and Haimi to season, plus a little Old Bay, thyme, and fennel for extra flavor. When the mushrooms were tender I added a tin of tomatoes, red wine, and Shaoxing wine. I simmered everything for about 20 minutes, until the tomatoes had broken down, and then added butter beans and some chopped green olives. Finally I stirred in some wholemeal penne and finely chopped parsley. I dished it up and garnished it with an indecent amount of good Parmesan. It was just what the doctor ordered. As I ate it, I could feel a battle rage within me, as the righteous forces of pasta vanquished the demon hangover hordes that had ransacked my nervous system. I feel better now – still tired, but no longer achy, hazy, or queasy. I am ready to take on whatever this Sunday throws at me. (Possibly a nap.)



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