#Cornography Day 47: Stilton, Red Cabbage Chilli Pickle, and Corn Grilled Cheese


Today I riffed on an earlier corn creation, utilising some delicious chilli pickle I made a few weeks ago by blitzing bird’s eye and Scotch bonnet chillies along with scraps of red cabbage, black sesame seeds, and a few other bits in a food processor. It’s funky, tangy, and quite spicy. I spread it on a slice of bread and layered Stilton and corn on another. I sandwiched them together and fried them in butter on a low heat. When the bread was golden brown on both sides, I cut it in half and indulged. The Stilton was powerful. The cabbage pickle rose up to meet it like the colonized rising up against the colonists. A fierce battle raged. Both sides used their biggest guns and dirtiest tactics. It was a funky, cheesy, rich, prickly, hot, hot mess. But who won? Alas, in war, there are no winners. Least of all the corn, which I could barely taste.

It was delicious and extremely filling. It demanded barleywine, but it was lunchtime, and I was alone. Next time.


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