#Cornography Day 49: Creamed Corn with Okonomiyaki Flavors


Creamed corn is a funny thing. Despite the fact that it is clearly a soup, it’s most often served as a side, poured out onto dinner plates in a chunky yellow puddle. And the canned versions are not ‘creamed’ in any meaningful sense – they aren’t smooth, nor do they contain any cream. I suppose this is why they must actually be labelled ‘creamed style’ corn. Which is just weird. At any rate, canned creamed corn needs help on the flavour front, and what better to provide that help than traditional okonomiyaki seasonings?

I stirred a spoonful of okonomi sauce into the creamed corn along with sliced spring onions, a pinch of dashi powder and a little shichimi. When the corn was piping hot I put it in a bowl and topped it with Kewpee mayo, chilli oil, sesame oil, aonori flakes, more spring onions, and katsuobushi. It was surprisingly delicious – the katsuobushi in particular was a lovely touch. That smoky seafood flavor combined with the creamed corn texture called to mind clam chowder. I would happily eat this again.


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