#Cornography Day 50: Blood Orange, White Carrot, Corn and Ginger Salad

This time of year, everybody’s talkin’ about blood oranges. Personally, I’ve never really understood what all the fuss is about. Sure, they look cool. But they don’t really taste much different from an ordinary navel. Maybe I’ve just never had a really good one.

I bought some blood oranges on my most recent shop because they were on offer, and probably because I was subconsciously influenced by so many tweets and Instagrams and articles about them in recent weeks. They are tasty, no doubt about that, and you can’t deny the visual impact of their deep, sanguine hue.


I segmented the orange, cut the segments in half, and mixed them with corn and finely shredded ginger. I also added another off-colored item, some shaved white carrot. I dressed everything with salt, yuzu oil, and kabosu juice, and garnished the salad with chopped macadamia nuts. The salad was fresh yet filling, and more than the sum of its parts. The combination of corn, carrot, and blood orange together seemed to produce a faint beetroot flavor, though maybe I was just dazzled by the orange’s beetrooty colour. Then again, I read somewhere that if you add malic acid to beetroot, it tastes like raspberries. So maybe it wasn’t all in my mind. At any rate, it wasn’t as good as my first corn-citrus salad, but it was still pretty good.


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