#Cornography Day 52: Meyer Lemony Corn

Today was one of those days when I was really not looking forward to eating corn, on account that by the time I had remembered to do it, it was late and I had been eating all day – loco moco for lunch, spoonfuls of crab bisque for recipe development throughout the day, and finally tacos and taquitos for dinner. Plus beer. I was stuffed. But luckily, I received a very special delivery today of something that had the potential to make my mandatory corn refreshing rather than unpleasantly filling: a sack of Meyer lemons, which restaurant blogger extraordinaire Chris Pople was kind enough to carry all the way from San Diego for me.


I love Meyer lemons – I just wrote about them here. And these happen to be primo specimens – the aroma is huge on thyme and orange, and they are tender and full of juice. Their sweetness is spot on – just enough to keep the acid in check. When I got home, I squeezed a quarter of one out onto some corn. I stirred it up and took a bite. It was vibrant and intense and extremely refreshing. But it was slightly over the top. I added a little splash of soy sauce. There we go. The shoyu’s saltiness and mellow caramel flavors rounded out the Meyer lemon’s acidity without obscuring its subtle flavors. It was so simple, and so delicious. I look forward to playing around with my remaining four and a half Meyer lemons over the next few days.


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