#Cornography Day 53: Shiokoji Creamed Corn with Many Oils


As I said previously, creamed corn needs help on the flavor front. Robbed of its crisp texture, the taste of canned corn is deadened when turned into a starchy paste. However, this is easily remedied with a few choice ingredients – today, I boiled some corn with shiokoji soup mix, chopped garlic and shallot, and a little Old Bay. I then pureed it with a stick blender. It was dense, salty, and sweet; the fresh corn flavor was muted, but the cheesiness of the shiokoji and the musk of the garlic picked up the slack. To lift the flavor even more, I garnished the corn with five flavorful oils: grassy Calabrian olive oil, vibrant yuzu oil, hot-and-fruity Okinawan chilli oil, toasty sesame oil, and intensely nutty Styrian pumpkin seed oil. A pinch of katsuobushi furikake to finish, and it was good to go. The oils blended together nicely; the olive, sesame, and pumpkin seed fading into subtle background notes, with the chilli oil up front, and a particularly lovely spot of brightness from the yuzu oil.



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