#Cornography Day 56: Pork and Bean Mini-Burritos with Burnt Corn Salsa

After watching a scene in Fargo (the new TV show, not the movie) where a family sits down at the dinner table and eats tacos, I had a craving for homemade Tex-Mex food. After perusing the selection of tortillas available at my local supermarket and discovering that most of them are not very good (i.e., there were no real masa tortillas), I settled on burritos, since  big, floppy, bland flour tortillas are par for the course with them.


The process started with roasting fennel and cumin seeds in a dry pan, then grinding them in a mortar and pestle. I then fried pork mince in a little lard until brown, then removed it with a slotted spoon and added onions. When they were starting to color I added chopped garlic, followed by some chopped peeled tomatoes and the cumin and fennel. I added paprika and black pepper along with water, red wine, and soy sauce, plus a tiny square of Carolina reaper chilli chocolate – very powerful stuff. I let the mixture simmer and reduce until it was rich and saucy. Finally, I added azuki beans and adjusted the seasoning.


I blowtorched some corn and tossed it together with a peeled and chopped tomato, a finely chopped finger chilli, sliced spring onion, some fresh coriander, Meyer lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. I cooked some zakkoku rice with coriander stems, star anise, and garlic, then shredded some cabbage. I was good to go.


I warmed the tortillas (which, I discovered upon opening the packet, were really too small for a respectable burrito, but hey ho) in a dry frying pan, then layered them with  the pork and bean mixture, the rice, the corn salsa, a little creme fraiche mixed with chives, the cabbage, and coriander. The burritos were not spicy enough for my liking, but this was easily remedied with some Jamaican pepper sauce. And even so, they were full of texture and hearty flavor, and had good balance to them. I ate three of my mini burritos, got drunk on good beer, and watched David Attenborough’s Africa on Netflix. It was an awesome Friday night.



3 thoughts on “#Cornography Day 56: Pork and Bean Mini-Burritos with Burnt Corn Salsa

  1. L Hudson says:

    Sounds really good, but does a pork Burrito really work without the slow cooked pork? I realise the prep for that is probably not doable during this process but I’m curious how it honestly compared.

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