#Cornography Day 59: Straight From the Can

This was inevitable, and it marks a new low point in this project. But honestly I thought it would happen sooner. I’ve been eating canned corn every day now for two months, and this is the first time I’ve resorted to eating unadorned corn, straight from the tin. But I was exhausted and full and just wanted to get it over with quickly so I could go to bed.


It was salt free corn, no less. But actually, eating it on its own was kind of nice. It made me appreciate just how good canned corn is. Sure, it’s not quite as nice as the real thing, but its very close. Great texture, lovely sweetness, and something I never noticed before: strong, long-lasting umami. I Googled natural umami content in corn later on to confirm; turns out it has as much glutamate as peas, which are frequently cited as one of nature’s most umami vegetables. I figure this is one reason why corn tends to be so filling. But sometimes you have to strip everything else away to notice what should be the most obvious of things.


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