#Cornography Day 70: Corn with Crispy Prawn Sambal and Kewpee Mayo

With about three weeks left to go in this challenge, I must admit I am finally getting tired of corn. Not because I’ve run out of ideas for it, but because recently I haven’t had the time to actualize those ideas. So instead of fully formed, delicious and interesting corn-based meals, lately I have tended towards thrown-together, uninspiring corn-based snacks. Like this one: corn topped with crispy prawn sambal and Kewpee mayo. These are pretty much failsafe tools for creating deliciousness out of nothing, especially used in tandem, delivering boatloads of umami along with sweetness, creaminess, and heat. All it needed was a little kabosu juice for acidity. It was tasty, no doubt, but still not quite tasty enough to make eating corn at midnight on a Friday feel like any less of a chore.



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