#Cornography Day 77: Corn and Egg Hash with Salmon Fushi


I had a carton of eggs in the fridge that were about to expire, so I set to work using them up. I boiled three of them for eight minutes and let them cool. Meanwhile, I boiled some corn briefly in its own brine along with some butter-soy sauce furikake for seasoning. When the liquid was gone I added chopped spring onions, sea salt, and Tabasco. I peeled the eggs and chopped them into quarters, then mixed them into the eggs. I loaded it into a bowl, added a dollop of mentaiko mayo, and a handful of salmon fushi, flakes of smoked, dried salmon from Hokkaido. To finish I added a pinch of aonori. Like katsuobushi, the salmon fushi was an excellent match for the corn. I especially loved how the shavings were thick and toothsome; their slight chew provided a slow-release, lingering umami without being overly fishy. Most satisfactory.



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