#Cornography Day 82: Mushroom, Courgette, and Corn Risotto


Few dishes are as satisfying to make as risotto. I love that you really have to stay engaged with it as it cooks, and I love how you really have to use your senses to gauge it’s doneness. Feeling the drag of the stir and the bite of the rice, seeing the grains change and the liquid evaporate, and always smelling and tasting. It’s also great because it’s so welcoming of random ingredients, in this case: corn.

I sautéed some onions in olive oil, then added garlic, thyme, and a brunoise of mushroom stems. I toasted the rice and added a splash of viognier. I then proceeded with the ladling and stirring of the stock, or more accurately, ago dashi. When the rice was about 80% done,  I added corn, diced mushroom caps and courgette. To finish, I added some of my yuzu-nosho, parmesan, creme fraiche, and canned artichoke hearts that Green Giant sent me. To finish,  I threw in a few leaves of basil.

The corn worked surprisingly well, providing a nice texture and mellow sweetness. A great meal for a rainy night.



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