#Cornography Day 85: Corn with Umeboshi Dressing

Corn’s naturally high levels of sweetness and umami mean that it works best with ingredients that are sour, bitter, salty, or spicy to balance and enhance its flavor. This is why I tend to use a lot of citrus and chilli with corn. But it occurred to me today that it would probably match well with umeboshi, the Japanese pickled plums that are exceedingly sour and salty. I made a very simple dressing from just umeboshi puree and yuzu oil, then stirred it through the corn. I topped it with a sprinkle of ume-shiso furikake to accent the flavour and add a little texture. The resulting simple salad was delicious. What I particularly liked was how the sweetness of the corn brought out the umeboshi’s grape-juicy stone fruit flavor. A lovely light dish with a new flavour combo I will return to.



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