#Cornography Day 86: Corn and Beef Quesadillas

Yesterday we went to Laura’s parents’ house for an Easter roast. Laura and her mom don’t like lamb so we had a lovely beef sirloin instead. Emiko rubbed it with garlic and olive oil and plenty of salt and pepper, and then cooked it for just 45 minutes so it was still gorgeously pink and juicy in the middle.


We were given the leftovers to take home. I had an odd craving for something in a tortilla. At first I thought I’d make beef and corn salsa wraps, but that seemed weird and boring. So I decided on quesadillas instead. I mixed corn with peppers with diced onion and Hyugarashi and sliced the leftover beef into small, thin strips. I piled everything onto a tortilla in a dry frying pan and topped it with mozzarella cheese. I grilled it until the cheese had liquefied and pressed another tortilla on top. I fried it gently for about 3 minutes until the bottom tortilla had browned nicely, then turned it over. I must say, my quesadilla flipping skills need a bit of work. I got corn everywhere. Anyway, the end product was lovely. I had it with a little creme fraiche mixed with a dollop of Nagarita.



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