#Cornography Day 88: Beefed Corn Hash

You’ve heard of corned beef hash, but have you heard of beefed corn hash? I guess you have now.


I cut a thick slice of the leftover roast sirloin from Sunday, and trimmed off the band of fat along the top. I cut the fat into small chunks and put them in a hot pan to render. I then added sliced onions, Seasoned Salt, and LOTS of black pepper, and let the onions brown. I added corn and let that brown as well. Meanwhile, I poached an egg. To finish the hash I added some beef juice from the container it was in along with a little Tabasco and miso mustard. Lastly, I stirred in strips of the lean meat from the sirloin, off the heat, so they didn’t overcook. I put everything in a bowl and topped it with a little aonori and katsuobushi. It was rich and sweet and strong, like a bowl of filthy cheeseburger. The meat was tender and juicy and full of flavor. It was extremely fortifying and delicious.


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