#Cornography Day 89: Crab Bisque with Corn

On this, the penultimate day (!) of Cornography, I find myself in Hannover, Germany. I’ve been sourcing ingredients for a demo next week, at the launch of one of the coolest projects I’ve ever been involved with. What it is, I cannot divulge. But all will be revealed next Tuesday.


I can divulge that it involves crab bisque. I ran through the recipe today, which includes butter, shallots, garlic, cherry tomatoes, vermouth, cream, tarragon, truffle oil, and white and dark crabmeat. When it was finished, I added some corn. Corn and crab is always a good combo; this was no exception. Not an improvement, I must say, on the original recipe,  but certainly a lovely and luxurious way to get my corn in.


Now then. Roll on day 90…


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