Feel free to get in touch by e-mailing or by sending your enquiry to my manager, Holly Arnold at

I can also be found on Twitter and Facebook. (For anything related to my pop-up and cookbook Nanban, please go here and here).


One thought on “Contact

  1. Ben Dover says:

    dude you are missing a lot.. msg is a neurotoxin. Naturally occuring in potatoes, tomatoes etc are good. low concentration. But for about 20% of the general population, this Crap is bad news.. MSG lower the migraine threshold and has a vast array of negative side effects on the sensiive. Using MSG in cooking is completely unnecessary. It is cheating so to speak. Be cautious. MSG is like tobacco.. little bit probably will not hurt you. but lots over long period of time.. Can you say parkinson’s, demetia, migraine, etc.. etc.. etc.. .. Perhaps we should all just drink the cool aid and believe what big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Brother, Military industrial Complex, Medical Industrial complex.. etc .. etc. .. fyi.. almost everything in the modern us grocery store has some for of MSG excitotoxins in them.. Evern Plain white bread..

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